Individual Innovation

A practice of individual innovation and learning will help put you in charge of your own future.


Individual Leadership coaching:

How situational is your leadership style? JB Innovation develops leaders who create environments to support innovation and learning. We support individuals committed to the development of self and those around them. Helping clients notice and reduce personal leadership barriers is a core skill. Having regular 'missing conversations' for understanding expands knowledge and data, and multiplies the possibilities, providing a framework for better decision-making, learning, and co-creation.


Individual Innovation coaching:

How is your thinking supporting your purpose in the world? Whether you are beginning your career, at a crossroad, or shifting from success to significance, a series of coaching sessions can change your future. Ask how this works today. You will be glad you did. Coaching gives James life. In 2019 and 2020 his coaching is pro-bono. Some clients make anonymous contributions to the charity of their choice to honor their work.

Photo by  Hamza El-Falah  on  Unsplash

individual Career development: 

What got you here, may not get you there. Don't let your past alone determine your future. A resume or CV documents your history. It is necessary and insufficient in our fast changing world. Create a My Map and explore new possibilities through conversations. Having missing conversations to explore your strengths, passion, and purpose sets you apart and puts you in charge of your own future, today.

FOR GOOD - A tax deductible option

Discuss the possibility of making an honorarium in the form of a tax deductible charitable donation
to benefit education for children in Southwest Philadelphia through The Common Place.