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education (sir ken robinson. an rsa animation)

How has your education shaped (and biased) your thinking? How is your thinking aligned with your purpose? Having polio as a child almost cost Sir Ken his education. One can only marvel at all he has achieved educating the world on the realities, anomalies, and opportunities in education. Watch a 12 minute animation of some of his thoughts.

ideation (steve Johnson. A TED TALK)

To get great ideas, have conversations perhaps in a pub or coffee house. Innovation tends not to occur in a flash of brilliance, but in a series of connections made between different ideas. Promote open idea sharing and favor 'the commons' over protectionism. Watch Johnson describe why and share a series of conversations that enabled your smart phone.

design (Ackoff and rovin. BOOKs and VIDEOs)

A modest title! Redesigning Society, invites us to think about using an Idealized Design methodology as we contemplate change. Design thinking is hot and is a form of systems thinking. Listen to 6 minutes of lovely stories told by Gerald Suarez at Russ Ackoff's memorial. You will not regret it. For this and other texts from Ackoff and his Interact colleagues follow this link and for videos of Ackoff follow this link.