Got a minute? - Watch a minute of a video clip

1-minute TED-like talks took off in my innovation class. You can learn a lot in a minute. Try it!


Facts, real and otherwise

Assessments and assertions are speech acts that help us sort facts from claims. Our perspective is just that. It is hard to accept that others may not see the world as we see it. It may be harder to embrace other people's perspectives, even though to do so is to respect them as human beings. Discuss the value of embracing the perspectives of others.

being wrong feels just like being right

This feeling that we are right is dualistic and makes others wrong. It is self righteous. Who wants that? In his TEDxWilmington talk James says: "I often think everyone thinks the same way I think. How crazy is that?" Discuss Kathryn Shulz's TED talk.

sustainability is a high bar

Celebrating Chris Campbell's life, a building is dedicated with a sports field in Khayelitsha, South Africa in 2010. The community's energy is palpable and the holistic thinking making this investment useful to the children of Khayelitsha over the long term was remarkable. What does sustainable change mean to you? Watch and discuss.