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What you think you know is just that

Why is it hard to accept that we each see the world a little differently and that to seek to understand the perspectives of others is to respect them as human beings?

what is the miracle of your mind?

Could it be, that the miracle of our mind is not that we can see what is, but that we can see what isn’t? We can remember the past and we can imagine the future. The beautiful thing is that we each see things a little differently.
Watch a minute of Kathryn Schultz if you can turn it off after a minute!


This one is 2 minutes! Celebrating Chris Campbell's life, in 2010 a building is dedicated with a sports field in Khayelitsha, South Africa (near Cape Town). The community's energy is palpable. CTC Ten’s holistic thinking will sustain the value to the children of Khayelitsha over the long term because they thought about long term sustainability, and planned for it.