Scorecards, placemats and dashboards

What is your purpose? Make a scorecard or placemat and dashboards and refer to them regularly to check the outcomes against your goals. Remember, you are a part of the system you are observing.


balanced scorecard (the context)

Balanced scorecards were designed to help firms navigate the future using metrics other than financial results from past periods. The term 'driving while looking in the rear-view mirror' captured the essence of the opportunity. Financial history is important and not sufficient. For example today, customer loyalty, process efficiency, ability to adopt new technology, a skilled workforce who are learning and can innovate can be vital to future success.


personal scorecard (more context and the process)

Modeled on the Balanced Scorecard, the Personal Scorecard is a forward-looking action-oriented tool to help you plan, do and measure specific activities to accomplish your goals and purpose. Your purpose can be as broad as the purpose of your life or as narrow as creating a business, or planning a holiday. Revisit your scorecard regularly. This exercise is modeled on an assignment from Prof. Tim Monahan founding dean of Villanova's highly successful Executive MBA program. While a coach in that program, James noticed this homework created meaningful self-reflection, conversation, action and learning.


measuring outcomes regularly (when james didn't)

Several years ago, James completed a Personal Scorecard which included a promise to call his sister Vicky in England weekday mornings and it made all the difference for both of them. Check out James' TEDx Wilmington Salon Fireside talk to learn how on a previous scorecard his promise was to call Vicky every fortnight. This promise failed. It turned out to be easier to talk every weekday and they did so for six years before sadly Vicky died in 2016. Make "I will" promises, not "I would like to" wishes. Manage your promises by checking outcomes against agreed outcomes.  Enjoy the learning and the innovation. Use these tools to manage the difference you make in the world.