Value for Groups

Group engagements focus on treating real problems and opportunities by setting and prioritizing clear goals, developing an innovation mindset, and building trust.  These things can be the difference between profit and loss, winning and losing, and health and sickness.

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Setting and prioritizing goals:

Ask great questions: What is our purpose? What impact is ideal, and how might we measure it? The Card DeckCommentated Art, and an Importance-Difficulty matrix are effective tools to share different views of issues and opportunities and gain shared understanding around group goals enabling their prioritization for action. Diversity of thinking leads to inclusion and better results.

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developing an Innovation mindset:

Develop confidence to innovate: Our world is analytical. Systems thinking and design thinking are the opposite of and compliment to analysis. Practice them in the Brain Game, Idea Olympics, 9-dot, Create and sell, and Puzzle exercises. Combining systems thinking with analysis helps us understand the context, see new possibilities, and take action for the good of the whole. 


building deeper trust:

What is your experience with trust? Trust is a critical predisposition for innovation and learning in groups of any kind, be they organizational teams, families, or sports teams. Trust is situational and personal and starts with experience. A workshop followed by a practice of regular conversations designed to build trust will pay big dividends, and could lead to a national championship!

For good: tax deductible option

Discuss the possibility of making an honorarium in the form of a tax deductible charitable donation
to benefit education for children in Southwest Philadelphia through The Common Place.