Innovation can be broadly defined as “acting on ideas for a purpose.”

What is your purpose? How do you wish to be – in your life, your family, your giving, your studies, your work, our world? Conversations are actions and change our lives, and our world. What conversations will you have today, with whom, about what and why? “It’s time for innovation. Start with a conversation.” James Barnes, Adjunct Professor, Villanova School of Business.


7 Responses to Innovation

  1. Sean Grieve says:

    The Honda video was great and reading some of the comments on YouTube brought up some thoughts for me. Do you need to fail in order to succeed? Does failure make success sweeter?

  2. Katie says:

    I found the IDEO shopping cart project to be a very interesting video that really highlighted the card suggestions: “Build on the ideas of others” and ” What might be combined”?

    The teams were very diverse with various academic backgrounds from a psychology major, to business majors and engineers. The groups used the method we had gone through in class to list out as many ideas possible and the ridiculous the better. The company culture fostered innovation and there was no sense of seniority among the teams. The collaboration process was very interesting and I thought it tied nicely with the card deck. Since there was no “leader” except for a group facilitator this allowed everyone to contribute and build on the ideas of others. Each team produced their cart prototype in a short period of time and the best ideas of each was combined into final prototype and brought to a Whole Foods for testing.
    I thought the carts were so creative and was shocked that the product did not catch on. However, I read an article from 2011 that explained that the IDEO shopping carts were just a little ahead of its time, and that the ideas have made their way to grocery stores especially the detachable baskets in Europe.

  3. Jared Fitzgibbon says:

    I really enjoyed the Nelson Mandela video narrated by Morgan Freeman. It’s incredible to think of a person enduring decades of hardship and responding to institutional oppression by embracing his enemies. I believe that if the rugby world cup run had ended prematurely or failed to unite the country, Nelson Mandela still would have achieved his goal in another fashion that we’d be talking about today.

  4. Ryan Shaw says:

    John Cleese’s laughter documentary was a hit! Like others, I take life much too seriously at times, especially when busy and stressed. But after a good laugh, life just tends to simplify and reset, in a way. What was impossible, after a laugh, is possible. Sure it still may be difficult, but possible. The video discussed the science behind laughing (i.e. more oxygen to the brain, etc.). However, the key in my mind, is that with laughing, you forget and reset!

  5. Tom Tapper says:

    I loved the IDEO podcast and video. It is amazing what can be accomplished when you let people experiment and allow an environment of failure. The concept of learning is unleashed when there are no boundaries. Furthermore, instilling a lack of fear in their culture is what enables this organization to reach their true potential. We need more organizations like IDEO in our world.

  6. Austen says:

    Sorry to hear about George. As a fellow yellow lab owner I can only imagine the emotions you feel in these early weeks. No other creature shows affection for you like a dog. Hope this picture of Cooper brings back memories from George’s puppy days.

  7. Michael Wing says:

    I thought the Patch Adams video”What is your purpose?” was the most impactful. Often times many people are unaware or haven’t discovered their true purpose in life, and for people that may have discovered their purpose the risk of leaving everything behind and familiar for a greater calling can be too much.

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