Tools (Resources are below)

Define the community you wish to serve, then use these tools to create powerful conversations with that community to learn and co-create what is needed. Put the free virtual card deck (below) to immediate use today.

ask great questions

This virtual card deck's powerful questions support conversations for understanding, possibilities, and action. 

design your future

Create idealized designs to explore and co-create new futures for yourself, your organization, family, and clients.

track progress

Practice making and managing promises. Notice meaningless promises and create new ones that can be kept. 

Resources (Tools are above)

Make a habit of giving yourself the gift of time for innovation and learning.

got a minute?

These 1-minute video exercises will provide food for thought well beyond the minute. Try one.

got a little more time?

Here are some books, animations, and links to help you innovate in different domains of action and interest.