Conversations in The School for Love:

This four week class is designed to renew and grow connections with God and with others in and out of our church community. Participants will share faith histories and learn from each other. The course will increase self awareness and inform new conversations and commitments designed to increase our love of God, of others, and of self. Tools like Faith History Charts, Missing Conversations, the iCAM, and the Personal Scorecard will be used to help us achieve our purpose in the world through love.

Outcomes: After this course participants will share clearer distinctions of love, they will have reviewed some of their own beliefs, and they will have learned from the belief traditions of others. Using the Personal Scorecard, participants will plan actions to start practices including but not limited to conversations about love.

Target audience and remote participation: Our target audience includes parents, young adults, and individuals of all ages, non-members and prior members of Wayne Presbyterian Church. Those unable to attend in person on Sunday mornings or who have to miss a session can participate using a web resource guide and can join a weeknight audio call covering the prior Sunday’s material.

Four in person Sunday morning sessions and four Wednesday audios (): Participants invited to bring a friend. Twos or threes invited to talk during and after the class. Geoffrey Berwind and Rev. Julia Sheetz, PhD have agreed to co-teach weeks one and two and will attend as many as other sessions as they can.
Week 1 Participants draw faith history charts and share stories of love in their faith journeys
Week 2 We find God in the faith of others (inter-generational and other faith traditions)
Week 3 Our Personal Scorecards align plans and actions to our purpose. Creator of this “Give Love” Scorecard
Week 4 We share Scorecards, discuss commitments, and accountability for the sake of love and The School for Love