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also, Join us Sundays in October, 9:30 am, in wayne presbyterian’s fireside room

Your facilitation team

L-R: James Barnes, David Henkin, Tony Holland, Rev. Julie Sheetz-Willard, and Geoffrey Berwind (not pictured)

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Week 1 | Oct 6 | Draw faith journey maps of your life to date and share stories of love experienced along the way
Week 2 |Oct 13| Listen for God in the faith of others by participating in conversations to share faith journeys
Week 3 |Oct 20| Plan actions for the purpose of giving love. Develop personal scorecards inspired by Villanova professors
Week 4 |Oct 27| Share scorecards. Discuss commitments for the sake of giving love and action in The School for Love

You are invited. Young adults, seniors and all in between are welcome. Members of all faith traditions, non-members and present members of Wayne Presbyterian Church are welcome to come and to invite a friend or two to join you.

Join us from 9:30 to 10:30 am each Sunday in October 2019 in the Fireside Room Wayne Presbyterian Church to renew and grow connections with God and with others in and out of our church community. We will share faith histories and plan new conversations and commitments designed to increase our love of God, of others, and of self.